Hotel Laurin - Dining roomHotel Laurin is located in Salò, just a short distance from the marvellous Lake Garda.

Hotel Laurin was built in the early 1900s as a private residence, during the Republica Sociale. It was the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It later became Romantic Hotel Laurin in the 1960s, thanks to the Rossi family.

A majestic and elegant residence, it is the most complete and best-preserved example of Art Nouveau in Italy today. Important frescoes, large wrought iron volutes and sought after wood inlays… Just some of the wonders that can be admired in this place suspended in time.

History and fine dining

The Hotel has a prestigious restaurant where customers can enjoy traditional local dishes of Lake Garda. That’s thanks to the young chef, Alessandro Fontana. The flavours of the lake and the surrounding area are creatively revisited.

The restaurant is increasingly appreciated. Not only by the hotel guests but also by anyone looking for the pleasure of sophisticated but not overly elaborate good food. All in a historical setting with a wonderful atmosphere.

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