Hotel Villa Flori - Table & Breakfast - WindowDirectly overlooking Lake Como in one of the most picturesque spots imaginable is the four-star Hotel Villa Flori.

Situated ten minutes from Como, Hotel Villa Flori was the private residence of the nobleman Marchese Raimondi. It was also the venue of the short-lived marriage of his daughter to the hero of Italian unification, General Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Villa Flori was built in the 19th century. Then in 1958 the villa was transformed into a hotel. With further modernisations in 2011, it still retains all the charm and atmosphere of the original building.

Perfect Getaway

Fought over by Lombardian aristocrats all are peace and calm now at Villa Flori. Boasting forty-five elegantly decorated rooms all of which overlook one of the best vistas in the region.

Modern facilities in all rooms enhance the comfort of your stay. Along with the attention given to even the smallest detail, the hotel creates a welcoming ambience.

The Ristorante Raimondi offers a formal dining experience and a well-contrived menu of fresh refined Lombardian dishes. The restaurant overlooks the gardens of the villa and the lake. It is also accessible from the private jetty attached to the villa… perfect.

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