Biarritz Golfing Experience

A destination with a long golfing history

Biarritz is situated in the South West corner of France, in an enviable location between the Pyrénées Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. With its stunning beaches, fabulous restaurants and smart casinos, it has gained a deserved reputation as being one of the luxurious playgrounds of the rich and famous.

As a golfing destination, Biarritz has a long and rich history, dating right back to 1856 when Pau Golf Club first opened its doors. Today, Biarritz attracts golfers from around the world and as such is widely recognised as an outstanding golf destination. Such is its standing, the city is twinned with Augusta, the world’s golf capital.

Within an hour’s drive of Biarritz, there’s an incredible mix of golf courses to discover. If you’re looking for ocean views, mountain vistas, rolling hills or cityscapes, you’ll find them all here. That also means there’s a course to match every ability or fitness level – and with a mild climate, it’s perfect all year round.

When you’re not playing golf, Biarritz has all the bars, restaurants and casinos you could want. And, as you’d expect from such an international destination, there’s a wonderful range of hotels to suit any budget. We’ve put together a selection of the best to ensure your golfing experience is perfect in every way.